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My Must-Have JailBroken iPhone Apps

I’ve got a tonne of apps that are installed in my iPhone.  But there are a few that I use regularly, and deserve special attention.  I have downloaded all of these apps from the un-official Cydia store, where you can find a lot of free, and payed apps that will only work on JailBroken iPhones.  For those who don’t know, out of the box, your iPhone is restricted by Apple so that your apps cannot do things like run in the back ground.

On with the list.


This app alone made me want me to jailbreak.  It costs about $8 but it is worth it.  This allows you to control your iPhone using swipe gestures.  That means you will almost never have to keep pressing the “home” button wearing it out, plus it allows you to configure certain apps to start whenever you swipe your finger on your iPhone.  It is very configurable.  I use this one every single minute my iPhone is in my hand.  There are several videos on YouTube demoing this app, here is one that I found:


I use this app to quickly gain access to toggle buttons such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Phone, Volume and Brightness.  And a dozen other shortcuts.  It can be configured so that it pops up when you swipe your finger across the StatusBar.


To customize the look of Icons and backgrounds.  Installing this will enable you to download winterboard themes.


Allows you to tell any app to continue to run in the background whenever you close it.


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